• Services I Provide

    My approach involves educating and attentively listening to my clients, allowing me to discern the most suitable solution tailored to their specific needsistening to my clients, allowing me to discern the most suitable solution tailored to their specific needs

    Life and Death Insurance

    Most people have heard of life insurance, but most people only have life insurance that pays upon death. This is what i refer to as Term insurance. There is another option called permanent insurance that has benefits that can be paid out during your living years

    Critical Illness Insurance

    Critical Illness Insurance covers individuals against serisous illness. It can transfer the financial risk to the insurance company so that you can focus on getting healthy and not depelting your savings and assets to deal with unexpected health and medical bills. This type of policy also has some tax advatnages for business owners.

    Disabilty Insurance

    This type of insurance protects your most valuable asset. Your ability to make income which is your paycheque. This is the base for all families and businesses. If you can't make money, you can't pay bills. This helps protect that situation.


    Hospitalization Insurance

    A unique type of insurance that pays you or a family member if you get hospitalized due to an accident or sickness. Will also pay out on fractures and unplanned surgeries. Helps cover unplanned short and long term absenses from work whether you need to recover from an accident or illness or if a family member is in the hospital and you need to look after them.



    Group Benefit Plans

    For business owners looking to attract and keep key employees, there are multiple options when it comes to offering employees health and dental plans. This can include traditional group plans or Health Spending Account options. Connect to see what is a fit for your business and employees.




    As a boutique firm, we have parterend up with Discrecionary Portfolio Managers, which is the highest level of complainace and registration in Canada when it comes to the investment industry. The benefits of utilizing these experts include lower fees, more transparency and access to different investment classes such as Real Estate and some private equity holdings.



    Corporate Tax Planning for Business Owners

    A key aspect of planning is understanding and planning for how taxes will have an affect on your wealth building. Fortuntately, there are different planning structures and products that we can utilize to help business owners minimize their tax liability. We work closely with your accoutant as they are licenced or structured to be able to offer these types of optoins in their business.